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In coated to coated matings, all puppies will be coated. Colors, while historically predominantly white with patches of red, black, or brindle, have grown in recent years to include many color patterns including black, red, brown, fawn, and all shades of brindle. George Washington received French Foxhounds, Grand Bleu de Gascogne, (which look much like an American Bluetick Coonhound) as a gift from the Marquis de Lafayette. The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886. In 1650, Robert Brooke sailed from England to Crown Colony in North America with his pack of hunting dogs, which were the root of several strains of American Hounds.

They were eventually successful; a litter produced in 1981 provided the foundation stock of the breed. They bond strongly with their owners. Its coat is short and generally smooth. Young American Bulldogs may be slightly aloof with strangers, but as they mature the breed's normal confidence should assert itself.

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